Line, perpendicular, FromFirstPoint overrides Planar setting


I have done a line perpendicular from a surface edge in the plan view, with Planar=On. This works perfectly to drag out the perpendicular point, but then when I hit FromFirstPoint, the planar option is ignored and the end point is going all over the place.

Is this in line with expected behaviour?

perpcurve_issue (1)

Hello- if you force Ortho (Shift down) does it sort itself out? The line is still constrained to the perp plane but is allowed to swing around in that plane.


Hmm… it’s doing some odd stuff. See below, it just seems to be ignoring the planar setting?

To be fair, maybe it’s just a candidate for line normal to surface instead.

But is ortho on in that image?


Yeah this was with ortho on I think. I’ll have another look.