Line on sphere surface in Grasshopper. How can i remove it?

I apologize in advance for the naive question I am asking.
The sphere has a line on its surface.
How do I remove that line and be all surface?
Thank you very much

The “line” appears to be the seam in the sphere. It will not be visible in a rendered view.

Dear David, tahnk toy for your answer.
It`s exactly as you say: I don’t have problems with the renders; but wehn I do a trim, this line in the surface of the sphere, it’s part of the operation and causes unexpected cuts (as you can see in the image attached). I don’t want to use that line as part of the trim opperation.
And again, thank you for your interest in answer my question.
Captura de pantalla 2022-06-15 221614|690x357

Hi Flavio -

All NURBS surfaces have 4 edges. In the case of a sphere, two of those edges are collapsed into a point and the other 2 are joined. This joined edge is the seam that you see. It is impossible to get rid of this and you will have to work with it when you design your Grasshopper definition.

Dear Wim, thank you very much for your answer, I’ll consider this seam part of my design.

Best regards,