Line on contour

i am currently trying to adapt a line of a contour to a mesh. however, the outermost points of the geometry are to be determined and a curve is to be drawn through the determined contour. is there a suitable node for adapting the line/curve of a contour?

Your request is not very clear - can you post an image - or better a file - that explains what you are trying to do?

i am trying to generate the contour of the orange geometry as shown in the illustration. the line should finally represent the grey marked area

I don’t think there is an automatic way to generate that type of contour (that avoids the undercut). I guess I might use Silhouette from that view to get the real outline of the part, then use the result to make your contour manually by trimming away what you don’t need and adding some additional curves…

How can I determine the sillhouette of the geometry? I have not been able to achieve a sillhouette using an offset or a surface so far

The Silhouette command?