Line load on a part of a beam

I have a problem with the mesh loads in Karamba3d. I used mesh zones to define wind zones. The mesh load on the roof for example needs to be carried by the secondary trusses, but some trusses get more loads than the others. The line loads on every truss should be the same.

If it is not impossible to fix this by using mesh loads I have to create line loads.
But is it possible to create a line load on a part of a truss and not on the whole truss. When I use the line load component I can only define the beam Id and not specify points. On the picture below you see how I want to add line loads on a part of the truss


I hope somebody can help me.

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Hi Lotte,

please refer to where the mesh load distribution depends on the density of the mesh.

Each mesh vertex transfers its load to the nearest node. In case that there are several nodes within a radius of less than “LDist” as set at the Assemble-component (see section 3.1.1) the vertex load gets evenly distributed among them. The loads received by the helper-nodes along beam axes get summed up and divided by the element length. This results in the approximately equivalent uniformly distributed load which is placed on the element. From the procedure described, one can see that a crude mesh may lead to a locally incorrect distribution of loads. In the system shown in fig. the points closest to the vertices are the element’s end-points. Therefore the helper nodes along the beam-axis do not receive a share in the mesh-load and thus no line-load results.

Hi Karamba,

Yes I saw it, unfortunately this doesn’t help the problem. The difference in the line loads is still too big.

I was wondering if you saw the question about putting a line load on a part of a beam.

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here is a small video explaining the mesh loads. The density of the mesh controls the distribution of the beams. The IDs control onto which beams the load can be applied.

Hope this helps.