Line Graph in Grasshopper

Hi guys,

I am doing a project with grasshopper and I’m trying to generate a line graph similar to the following graphic.

right now I am using Quick Graph component, but the input can only be y values, and there is no scale. I also tried Human UI but it only has Pie chart and bar chart option.

I’m wondering if there is a way to customize Quick Graphic component(or have the code of the component), or someone knows some other plugin which has more advanced line graphic tool?

Thanks a lot!

QuickGraph cannot be modded. Would you be averse to creating this graph in the Rhino viewport instead of the Grasshopper canvas?

Hi David, thanks for the reply.

No, I’m not. Actually, I tried with Human UI and another component called proving ground. But both of them have only pie chart and bar chart.
If there are some other components which have the similar function like QuickGraphic (with scale), it would be also great!

Here’s a start: graph (25.1 KB)

What you’ll want to do is wrap most of this up into a cluster, so the only inputs would be the points in world space (actual x and y values), a graph frame somewhere in space, and maybe a colour or title input.

Thanks, David!
it helps a lot!