Line Command in the last WIP 2-5-2017

In the last WIP i have problem to Run some my script Python. I USE the English version but in the last Wip, in the line command, some options are written in Italian and not in English, so scripts are blocked. In the attached file You see the translation error. In My script is write RoadlikeTop , in the last version is write RoadlikeSuperiore.
In the previous versions everything was ok. I atached the image of line command.

Hey Vittorio,
Are you using _Underscores in front of your options in your command strings?

i.e. _Style _RoadlikeTop

Cheers, --Mitch

Ciao Mitch
Yes i use _Style _RoadLikeTop and the result is wrong . If i use _Style _RoadLikeSuperiore it is Ok . Strange behavior because I’ve always used and installed the English version

OK, definitely something wrong there then! --Mitch

Hi Vittorio - thanks, we’ll check that. As far as I can see it names the options according to the current file viewport names…


@pascal As Top, Front, Right etc. are viewport names and are thus changeable, translatable, etc… I suggest that the terms RoadlikeTop, Front and Right have now outlived their usefulness. IMO, they should be changed to something like “RoadlikeXYPlane, RoadlikeYZPlane and Roadlike XZPlane”. It might confuse the users somewhat at first, but it’s more logical as it refers to the actual planes that the “roadlike” options are based on.


Hi Mitch Yeah, this is a little confusing, the non-scriptable Sweep1 does not offer view based planes. I have to think this is just a mistake, apart from any naming conventions.

BTW, as part of adding Roadlike to Flow (fixes some bugs but makes the command rather …difficult to follow, I floated the idea of changing Roadlike to ‘Plane based’, as being at least partly or possibly indicative of what it’s doing. Dunno…