Line color and weight based on data-tree path?

Hi there,

I have a set of curves in a data tree structure and I want to plot them with different line weights and colors depending on their path in the data tree.

Ideally I want to provide a list of match patterns and properties, and ideally I get a data tree structure for line weights and color that mirrors the one of the curves and has the correct.

For example, the curve at {1,2} would be line weight 4 and color blue.

This is how far I got:

color by path (10.1 KB)

Thanks in advance,

color by path test Edited (16.6 KB)

Thanks for giving it a try, but your answer doesn’t fully do what I want it to do.

I was hoping to get this, in a smarter way:

color by path test Edited (12.4 KB)