Line-Brep collision

There is a SolidPointCollide component that does point-brep collisions. Is there an equivalent for line-brep collisions?

There’s a solid-line collision goal included here:

(though looking at it again now, I think this one will only work well on convex meshes and could behave oddly on concave ones where the lines collide at multiple points along their length. If you have an example of the kind of thing you want to apply this to I can have a look at making an improved version)

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Thanks @DanielPiker I should be able to work off of the example you linked.

I don’t have any specific examples as of now but I’m trying to extend the solid collide goals to work with points and lines with a radius/thickness. I should be able to combine bits of logic from your Collider goal and the solid collide goal to achieve this. If you have any tips or existing code related to this that would be useful!