! _Line _BothSides

I see that when I deleted and re-pasted the script to the button I made, it worked again. It seems that you have to delete and past the script every time rhino 6 is started to make it work.

This seems to work here fine, on every attempt, when pasted as button macro.
What Rhino version are you using (SR?). In some previous versions there was a problem with executing nested RhinoScript commands, but now it should all be fixed.

-_Runscript (
Call Rhino.Command("_Line _BothSides _~Pause _NoEcho -RunScript (" & chr(13) & "Dim r : r=Rhino.GetReal(""Line length?"") : if not isnull(r) then Rhino.SendKeystrokes(Cstr(r/2))" & chr(13) & ")")


Thank you for your reply. I am using the latest version of Rhino 6 (6.11.18348.17061, 12/14/2018) and the button macro (copied yours to make sure) only acts like a regular line from midpoint now (if I input 1mm, I get a 2mm line).

Hi @Et_Rec - I installed SR11 to check this and see that the number that is used is not divided by 2. It appears that something was fixed after SR11 - this works in a current in-house version the way it used to in Rhino 5.
I’m not sure which version @Jarek is running at the moment but I would assume that if you check for Release Candidates and install a SR12 candidate that this will solve your issue.

Thank you

I am on daily builds so SR13 here but I believe this should have been fixed in SR12 by Steve, so SR12 Release Candidate should make it work again.


Works in SR13…


Hi this seems to have stopped working in the latest Rhino build “(6.29.20238.11501, 08/25/2020)” I get a message that rhino script can’t be loaded at start. It’s a button I use multiple times a day. Can anyone help me out. Thanks!

Works in Rhino 7 and 5

Hello - please try running a ‘Repair’ for the Rhino 6 installation from the Windows control panel.


Thanks for replying I did a repair as described. Did not work. Today I did Macrium backup rescue to a time before the problem and then updated Rhino. No problem like that now. Don’t know what happened. Thanks again