Line Both Sides

I am trying to create a line both side of point, similar to the Line Bothsides command Rhino. I thought plugin a domain to the Line SDL component would do it, but that only gives me a line from 0 to 2. Is there a way to do what I am after?

something like this?

Yeah I that kind of works. Although it creates two lines which I could join together. I was hoping to do it one shot.

How about this?

160222 line two (6.6 KB)

What about this?

You can even do it with one less component (expression is “-x”)

And a more complete solution with midpoint placement and rotation.


How about this one? (both expressions are x/180 * pi to convert degrees to radians)

[edit: incorrect labels on sliders]

I like this method cause it does a single line/crv but gives you the (mid-)points right away…

Starfish has a Line MidPt component that does exactly what you want.

I just wrote this component recently,This is the code. (6.1 KB)