Line attractor on a hexagon grid

(Khizerishtiaq) #1

I have a hexagonal grid with an curve attached to each of the vertex making a field of modules. Now i want them to interact with a line that i have introduced, and want to change the rotation of the module based on its distance from the line. I have figured out a algo and the working of it, but i am unable to sort out the data trees and the rotation is coming all jumbled up and does not align with the line placement.HEXAGON SKIN (19.7 KB)


Check attached def. Best.


(Khizerishtiaq) #3

Woah thanks kim, you made it so simpler, i was going the longer route and also its much more quicker

(Khizerishtiaq) #4

Hi, what if we connect the amplitude of the module ( triangular star) to the curve affecting the aperture of the opening as well as the rotation. I am trying to remap the amplitude of the star based on the distance from the closest point on curve, but the data trees seems to be issue.


Check attachment…