LINE as a tangent (vertical), from a non-uniform, curvy curve


A TANGENT from a circle (illustrated above), to the line below and is easily made to be perpendicular to that white line.

However, try as I might, I cannot perform the same feat from the curve of changing curvature, to the left of the circle. The marker finds instantly and easily any tangent on that curve. However, despite trying all kinds of methods, I cannot get a line to snap to that white line, as a perpendicular.

Sliding along the white line, the would-be line would connect to any random point on the white line. It would even snap to the end of the white line, on the left, but that is not directly below the point of tangency.

If I were to create a separate, vertical line to the left, then select both curves and Align Left, I can achieve the desired result, but then I need to move the curves back to the right.

Has anyone else encountered this and is there a better work-around than the above, please?

Hello - in this case use the Quad Osnap to find that point for the start of the line, then constrain your line to Y.


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Pascal: thank you!