Line 1532 gbAIRSSL error on startup


We’re encountering a problem with Rhino 5. Upon starting up Rhino we’re get a popup displaying below. Has anyone encountered this problem and know a fix?

Line 1532
Char 1
Error: ‘gbAIRSSL’ is undefined
Code: 0

Hi Ryan,

We’re seeing a slight uptick in these errors this week. Here’s what I know so far:

  1. This problem is caused by Rhino trying to display help from in the context help docking panel on the right.
  2. That you are getting help from instead of the installed help means that the installation isn’t complete. My guess is that somebody deployed Rhino on your system but didn’t include two important installers: help media and the English language pack. More details about deploying Rhino are here:
  3. At least one customer was able to get rid of this error by “installing some non-critical Windows Updates” - I have no idea which ones, nor why it fixed the problem.

At this point, I recommend making sure the HelpMedia.msi and English Language Pack installers get run on your system.

Please let me know if you need more help with this - and also let us know how you solved the problem.

@margaret do you have any idea what is causing this from the web help?

We’ve already tried reinstall the HelpMedia.msi and well as the language packs but still no good. We just tried again and now it’s working, but after about an hour the problem came back. We’re think it’s something web related on the help files.

We’re starting to see this error pop up today. I’ve tried installations with and without the language and help media. Still periodically receiving the script error.

How is the use of web help prioritized? I presume that if the Rhino machine is not connected to the internet, Rhino will use the installed help, but if it is connected, which takes priority and under what circumstances will the web help be used?

Also: It seems that in the case of Mac Rhino, the web help is all there is. Is this actually the case, and will it always be?

The web help is used if Rhino can’t find a local copy of the help file.

Thanks Steve.

How about the Mac version? Should I have a local copy in the 8/23 download?

A bit of a thread hijack there Al :smile: I believe the majority of the Mac help will be online only (when it becomes available.)

I have an idea what might be causing it and have uploaded a potential fix.
I assume it will take a while for the fix to filter through so that Rhino
sees it?

I can certainly reproduce the problem.

~M Becker

Okay, so this is what we did to get around the problem. We’re not exactly sure what is the fix, but whatever procedure we went through resolved the problem. We think it has something to do with the news/tips list or the version checker for new updates.

  1. The problem is isolated per profile.
  2. These are brand new machines we are building with Rhino 5 installed
  3. Remove IE 10 if installed (might be change if defaulted to a different browser)
  4. Reboot
  5. Install Adobe Air (don’t think this has anything to do w/ the problem, but it’s something we did)
  6. Reboot
  7. Run IE 9 once, let it load to the initial default webpage.
  8. Run Rhino

The problem never came back so far on several machines. Hope this help you guys.

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I can verify that switching the default browser is no solution.
I also have air installed like rng did. But I am still with IE10 and have this error. will remove ie10 and report back asap

edit: moving back to ie 9 did not fix it for me. will edit host file now to fake the dns, so it cannot even load the js and therefor will not show a js error.

edit2: even the host file change did not work.
I disabled networking and even that did not work… strange!

There was a problem in the javascript that the online help loaded. We fixed it yesterday, so this problem should no longer exist. Please let me know if that’s not what you’re seeing.

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