Limits to the Default Furniture/Element Imperial Dimensions

Is it possible to dramatically increase the allowable dimensions for the default elements and furniture types? The default furniture types such as shelves, cabinets, etc are great. They are light and super stable. But when working in imperial units, it’s really easy to bump up against the size limits that they will allow.

For instance, these cabinets should be 16’ wide, but the maximum allowable by the default type is 9’10-1/8" for some reason. I assume this is coming from the number slider in the grasshopper script. Can we make these limits dramatically larger? What if I needed to make 150’ long shelves or cabinets?


Hi @arcus,

Yes, we can try to increase the limits on those styles, but we need to modify the original definition. I think @fsalla created them, but he is currently out of the office on summer vacation.


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Hi @arcus, find attached a .val file that includes the renovated versions for the “Shelf”, “Cabinet” and “Wardrobe” furniture styles, with a bigger range of sizes. Let me know if you need any other one with extended dimensions.
Run the vaStylesImport command to import them.
New Furniture Styles.val (116.4 KB)

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That’s much better, thank you. I brought them in and set everything to 50’. It looks like there are still some limits but they are now enough to handle most every use. As I understand it, future versions of visarq will allow us to manipulate the grasshopper files, so we should hopefully be able to expand the bounds to whatever we need.

thank you!

I’ve set Width and Height limits to 20 and 10 meters respectively for these objects. Isn’t it enough? :wink:

Yes, in future versions we will allow obtaining the GH file directly from the style (if the user who has created the style allows it).

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20 meters is more than plenty for me.
But who knows what kind of bookshelves people are going to put in this thing! :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

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