Limiting size of surface

I am trying to make a script that limits the size of that A surface(that’s gonna be the atrium) with number slides or a gene pool.

What I am gonna do eventually is to generate optimization using Galapagos.

Can anybody give me clue?

What constraints are you thinking of? just an offset from the original surface?

Easiest way is to use Isotrim with variable domain inputs

Atrium (12.1 KB)

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Thank you! I am hoping the shape would be more dynamic so I tried offset too but I am trying to make it more flexible options.

And also I am tiring to define the best location of atrium too using Galapagos.

You can add the atrium center to the fitness value so you can adjust the location as well not just the size

Something like this? If it is, is there a component to move a more diverse way to x,y axis?
And if I put the value of the target area to the maximum, it will be the full size of the surface. Is there a way to set a specific number as a maximum size…?

I suggest using EvaluateSrf with MD slider to locate the room center in relation to the overall floor. then you can define fitness from the solution center to the desired center.

Also I added another fitness value regarding desire room proportion, you can even add more detail to prevent the room to be too stretched.

Atrium (15.9 KB)

Thank you for caring… But one thing, the Md slider doesn’t connect with Galapagos… Is there a replacement for it? Thank you for helping again!

Why do you need to connect it? The MD slider is being used for defining the Target location. Galapagos is using the Area (Centriod) for reporting the Current Location.

in any other case if you want to simulate MD slider you can use the below:

What I am eventually doing is using ladybug with Galapagos and simulating for radiation to find the preferred location and size of the atrium. So I need to connect the number slides that define the location to Galapagos too.

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Then you can use the sliders as shown in my previous reply