Limited Save version of R5 / R6 instead of time?

hey all,

Is there a limited save version download link to R5/R6 that I can bundle with a plugin? (like in the old days?)

my plugin will add functionality outside of normal rhino usage to attract users into it as well. (pulling in and fixing jewelcad files for one) While I am deploying in beta, it may take more than the 90 days limited version to finalize and add tools after which the plugin stops working.


Hi @ChristopherBotha,

No, the only evaluation version we provide it not save-based. Rather, it runs for 90 days.

– Dale

@Dale, ok, thank you, popping second question in here if you dont mind,

is there a convertor for people still stuck in Rhino5 (famous name jewellery plugin) who recieve R6 files to work on, wherein they can just drag and drop a R6 file into R5? Is such a thing even possible to write as a plugin until we get over the hurdle of the disparity in the marketplace?

(i understand the obvious answer is just buy R6, but im talking about a whole team upwards of 40 people total whose only usage right now is importing these into the R5 environment they are stuck in for now.

There is openNURBS.

With openNURBS, you can easily write a file converter.

– Dale

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Thanks a million, that was rather easy after all!