LightException problems

Hi Giulio!
I need some help please.
I have the same problem but with the plugins Gismo and Ladybug. Well, so I am interested in a discussion of the page grasshopper3d, where I’ve seen you participate sometimes. I want trying to play with those plugins, but these errors appear (please see below).

One of them, in Gismo it’s exactly “LightException’ object has no attribute components”, And I suppose the problem isn’t with the version of IronPython, so I’m working with Rhino 6 and that’s included, not?

And I have not idea about the other. I’ve tried to move the files in the libraries of the Components Folder (Special Folders) following some indications in the discussions of grasshopper3d, but no way.

Thanks a lot!
Regards, Lola.

Hi Lola, sorry I missed this because it was a question inside another topic… I moved this to a new topic and now I’m asking… do you need any help with this?

Usually this is a sign of an old version of IronPython installed in parallel with Rhino. Solution is to uninstall that:
Thanks for letting me know.