Lighten up a selection of solid

would like tot create this grid in 3d for realistic render but there is so much solid and rhino cannot support.
is it possible to create a proxy from a selection of solid (pipes) in rhino ? how ?

You can create your own transparency map.

The video linked in this post explanes how to viewcapturetofile:

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Uploading files seems to be impossible right now

Basically you need to create a black and white transparency map with a repeating, seamless pattern which you can apply in the transparency channel of the material.

light_transparency_map.3dm (188.2 KB)

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Aside from the good idea of using a texture map instead of actual geometry, you could probably also ExtractRenderMesh > Hide or Delete the solids assuming they are polysrfs > Join the individual meshes into one disjoint mesh with the Join command.