Light issues in raytraced

point lights show as full white disks

rectangular lights show as white surface when faced

rendering from behind with the same rectangular light seems ok

Version 8 WIP (8.0.23199.14306, 2023-07-18)
Expires September 1, 2023

using a mac studio m1 ultra

in the previous version it seemed ok still.

I can’t reproduce that here. Does this happen in a new file as well, if so can you send me a model that shows this?

hm in a new file a point light does not make any problems rectangular light still shows up when faced. but right now i cant toggle the right sidebar out anymore… that happens frequently so i can not adjust the lights like i did in the other file, i will send you the files in the next days when i have more time thanks for checking

it seems meddling with the shadow intensity causes the lights to become visible when set to 100% it is not visible yet anything else below causes a circle to grow

here at 90 & a little dot appears

here set to 20% or so

a similar behaviour exhibits a rectangular light, just that here the light has to be faced to become visible and shows visible already at 100% shadow intensity, but also grows when lowered

here at 100%

here at 50%

lights showing.3dm (3.1 MB)

thanks, I logged RH-75956 shadows influences light size

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