Light Creation Using Human: Update request

Hi @andheum,

I was wondering, when can we expect a full set of Light Creation tools in Human? Specifically rectangular lights, spot lights, linear lights etc. I’m testing it now in collaboration with Vray and it really helps a lot in the workflow, but again, I can only do point lights . As we all know lights aren’t natively supported by Gh, moreover Vray has great light creation tools but lacks the Baking ability therefore making it hard to exchange and transfer my lighting design into other Applications. Using Human somewhat solves this problem by creating native Rhino Lights, which I then bake and group. Then it is automatically converted into Vray lights. Filling-in the missing pieces of light tools in Gh, I think, would solve the problems many users have with Rhino Lights.

Thank you

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Probably never. I am not actively developing Human any longer — a few fixes every now and then — but anything touching the rendering APIs is going to be a lot of work, so I’m unlikely to get around to it.

That’s sad to hear. Nevertheless, I understand. Thank you so much for creating Human, it has helped the community immensely.

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