Light beams / godlights

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I try with vray 3 for rhino to render visible light beams, unfortunately unsuccessful. :frowning:

The aim would be to represent light spots such as in a stage show or “Godlights.” My approach was to work with activated “Aerial Perspective” as fog and V-Ray spotlights.

Can someone give me a tip or know where I might can find a tutorial (vray for rhino) for this problem?

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That will be possible once Environment Fog is implemented, in the coming 3.6 version.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the Link. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Then I have to wait for the update …

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Hello, is there any update on such a stage lights?
I am trying to create visible light beams from vray Spot Lights adding Environment Fog. However, as light beams are visible from the sun, nothing is happening for the spot lights. (scene is inside the building)

Hello, special stage lights are not available at vray yet. It works with spotlights and

environments fog. Have you ever tried different settings in “Distance”? A smaller value

makes the fog thicker and the beams visible. Increase the value for the Spotlights

clearly and / or turn off the sun …

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You can do it.
Remember to set the spot light intensity to lumens and big value and set decay to inverse square for a phisically correct result :wink:


Thank you both A Schiller and Andrea Montis! Both tips were very useful.
Now I’m just facing a minor problem of an overexposed stage. I can solve it by rendering stage only with less light and photoshop it. But curious if there is an option in vray to decrease the strength of the light on the material while not decreasing its intensity.
Thank you so much for reply!

Quick solution would be to use a less bright white for the upper part.

What I do often - save different version of the output (use the curve or exposure frame buffer tools) and combine parts of the image in post work.