License notification e-mail

Rhino 5 for Mac Build 5A671 says:

The “Wenatchee” name and date have been dropped from the software
version description. Individual Mac builds are now identified by their
internal build number found on the About Rhinoceros dialog

However the e-mail I get says:

Thank you for downloading Wenatchee 5.0 wip.
Your Wenatchee 5.0 wip license is:

Your Wenatchee 5.0 wip license has been registered in your name, and gives
you early access to Wenatchee 5.0 during development. When
Wenatchee 5.0 is released, your Wenatchee 5.0 wip license will expire.

Warning: Work-in-Progress software may be unstable and, in rare
cases, save corrupt files. Back up your files regularly and understand these
risks before using Wenatchee 5.0 to save files you care about.

So, @brian - maybe the e-mail needs to be “adjusted”… :smile:


Good catch. This is on our list.