License Key

I have ordered and paid for a Rhino 7 License Key on 6th February. Have not received the License yet. Any help in expediting the Licensing is highly appreciated as my evaluation version has expired meanwhile. I am not able to stl and print & losing revenue.

There are no orders in the Seattle Sales system for you.
Please contact whoever you order from.

The forum is not the right place for this problem.

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply.
I ordered through a reseller as mentioned on the for South India.
Astonished to know that the order has not yet been placed with you even after a fortnight.
I will approach the reselling company.

Best Regards,
Rama Krishna.

Dealers in South, India

VectraFORM Engineering Solutions


We would not see your order in our system.
Your reseller would have purchased licenses from us.
Only after you receive the license and validate then it will be discoverable to Seattle Tech Support.


Yes, absolutely. It might be an oversight or it might be an irresponsible reseller. In any case, if you don’t get satisfaction from the reseller, I would still report the situation directly to McNeel Seattle, as they are responsible for the Asian sales area.

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