License Key

Hello! I created a Rhino Account in August of 2020 for my 3D design class. I attached my personal e-mail to it and was then given my license key. When I first set it up I selected to this specific computer option because I knew that I would be using my MacBook throughout the entire process. When I try to log into Rhino it tells me that my license key is only available for my specific MacBook. I’m logging in on the same computer so I don’t understand why it’s not allowing me to enter my license key and work.

I see you used it stand-alone back in mid August.
Something must have damaged the local license file.
You’ll need to add it stand-alone again.

Start Rhino
When it asks for a license, click the option for entering a license key
Enter the key again
When asked if you want to use it on multiple computers or just this one, YOU MUST SAY JUST THIS ONE.
They the validation will complete and you’ll be off to the races.