License Expired. Can I work this weekend on my model (without saving) while I wait for my key?

Architecture student here with a review next Friday. My student version Rhino 5 license expired while I was modeling tonight (Friday). I purchased a new student version license for Rhino 6 but I will not get a verified license key until Monday. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to continue working this weekend (without saving/cutting/pasting) and update my license key on Monday without losing my work? I’ve stubbornly kept working… and I’d hate to lose my progress/not be able to keep working this weekend.

If you paid for your license on Friday, why are they making you wait until Monday?

It is possible, but indeed risky. If anything happens - Rhino crashes, computer hangs or decides to do an unexpected update of the system, you will be out of luck…


Because I purchased the student license, McNeel has to verify my graduate student status. A real human performs this task, so i’ve got to wait until regular business hours.

Do you mean to say that once I get the new key, I should be able to input that, save my file, and then update to Rhino 6? This is the best case scenario for me and what I want someone from McNeel to say that I will be able to do.

OK, I usually verify that at the time of the order… plus I do work weekends if I’m here… anyway…

It’s going to be a bit more complicated as you are working in V5 and getting a V6 key. You cannot use that directly in V5. You will have to first create a Rhino account, install your license there, validate it, and then you can go back to the McNeel main site and under Support, you will see “Generate a legacy key (Windows)”. You will then get your V5 key.

As far as I know, you can then go into Options >Licenses and add the license key, and Rhino should then save. But perhaps @pascal or @John_Brock can confirm this last part…

I believe that is correct.

Thanks for the help, guys! I’ll let you know how things go Monday.

@chas.wiederhold - Were you finally able to get your license installed and save your work?

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I got it all installed! Thanks for the help.

As soon as I got the new key Sunday night, Murphy’s Law set in and my computer told me I had 9 minutes before it was going to restart with an update. I frantically followed the instructions (in hope of not losing a couple hours of work) but fate got me and it restarted before I was able to get to the Options>License part of your instructions. Anyway… no time to complain about anything. Just have to keep on working.

I really appreciate the assistance!

Ah, merde… sorry to hear that. Windows 10? That would be typical… :confounded:

You can manage Windows 10’s intrusive updates by designating your connection as a “Metered connection”.
Then Windows thinks you’re using an expensive data plan and gives you the option to check for updates without forcing you to download and install them.

The danger is forgetting to do updates regularly.

I solved this by adding an alarm for 4:30pm Friday’s to do updates.
Then updates happen when I’m ready to do them and no more situation like you described above.

Well, our experience here was that after creating some custom update settings to avoid the problem (there are several ways) those settings were actually REMOVED by installing the update!! So the next time updates came around, it just went ahead and did its thing anyway…

Windows is truly a bitch.
Tagging my “” network as a metered connection has survived several Windows updates now.