Licence Term

Hello, we use the Lan Zoo to license internal rhino workstations as well as some laptops.
Laptops should obtain their license from the Lan zoo.
we have set a time limit of 100 days at the zoo.
On the laptop, however, the duration is only entered as exactly 1 month.
Where could the problem be?

Hi Jogo0664, please see the Zoo Documentation for setting up and configuring.

EDU Lab licenses in the LAN Zoo are limited to 30 days maximum if you’re using the License Check out option.
The U/I will allow values higher than 30, but the check out will be limited to 30 days.

This change was added at the request of a significant number of school IT managers.

I’ve never understood this… If the managers are really managers, why can’t they manage to keep it at 30 days (i.e. default) themselves and leave the possibility to others to use a longer period if they like?

It wasn’t my decision to make.
Choose your battles, eh?
The change only applies to EDU Lab licenses.

I did insist that they update the LAN Zoo Help file to reflect the 30 day limit change.
It frustrated me that no one decided to do that when the change was made and released.

Ich unterrichte an 2 verschiedenen Schulen Rhino und wir haben an beiden Einrichtungen Stunden mit der Suche des Problems verbracht. Dass so eine Änderung in den Zoo Hilfen nicht ersichtlich ist ärgert mich.Das ist sehr schlecht. Unsere Studenten müssen während Ihrer Ferien welche in Österreich 65 Tage dauern üben und nach Ablauf dieser Ferien eine Prüfung bestehen. Ist der CloudZoo eine Lösung?

I teach Rhino at 2 different schools and we have spent hours at both schools trying to figure out the problem. It annoys me that such a change in the zoo aids is not apparent. That is very bad. Our students have to practice during their vacation, which lasts 65 days in Austria, and then pass an exam at the end of this vacation. Is the CloudZoo a solution?

Yes, and probably a much better one if your students need to access the licenses outside the school network. You put one or more lab licenses into a named team created in the ‘team’ section of a Rhino account (managed by the school IT admin) and then you invite each student by e-mail to join the team. They then have access to the lab license - from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection - for as long as they are members of the team, there is no time limit. In principle they can even be offline for two weeks or so and still use the license. When they are done, the admin simply removes the students from the team.

So there is no longer any necessity to VPN into the school to access the license and there is no check-out/check-in procedure either.