Licence Struggle WIP coexisting with 7.0

I run rhino 7.0 and WIP on a macbook pro intel 2019.
The computer is named “Tom2020”
After Installing the WIP I entered the same licence as I use for Rhino 7.0
I choose the local setting - look this licence to one computer (or similar).

Now there is a licence ping-pong between Rhino 7.0 and WIP:
after a few days one or the other Rhino reports “Your licence has been moved to another computer / Tom2020”.
Which is exactly the computer I sit in front of.

How can i correctly set up a local Licence that is valid for 7.0 and WIP to run at the same time on the same machine ?
If I need more help - who can i contact with all the private info (email, licencekey etc…) to get things correct - rhino support or the local reseller I got the licence from ?

thanks for some more info. kind regards -tom

Hi Tom,

I think only McNeel can probably explain (fix?) this… Resellers do not have access to the McNeel license server, so they would have to contact McNeel in any case. Use

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thanks Mitch