Licence question every time I open BETA

For a past few days I keep seeing the licence info tab as a welcome screen (Windows), when I boot as iOS my licence isn’t recognised anymore.

Hi Piotr -

Could you clarify this a bit? There’s mention of both Windows and iOS (do you mean macOS?) - are you running bootcamp and seeing one thing and something else on macOS? Also, what do you mean by the welcome screen and what does it say there?

Yes, I’m running bootcamp and I use Rhino on both platforms.
Previously it required single licence logging each time I switched platforms. Right now it is checking licence each time I open Rhino in Windows (95%) and it doesn’t see my licence on mac at all.

are you logging out of the windows machine, before going back to the mac side?

on the mac side are you seeing any errors when you try to launch?

I never bothered to log out before leaving any system. It always worked well checking it only once before running many sessions.

ok, as an experiment,

open windows, let it find your license and then make an object, save it and then run the logout command. Rhino will close.

then restart, and open the mac os- open rhino and login if asked.

if you are not asked to login, are you sure you have rhino for mac set up to use cloud zoo?