Library OpenNest OpenNest 1.2 by Petras Vestartas may not be used yet

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

I have just reuploaded a previously working definition which worked with Opennest 1.2, however, I now receive a message as below that the plugin is not supported.

Please advise.

Your model uses one or several plugins that are not currently supported on ShapeDiver:

Library OpenNest OpenNest 1.2 by Petras Vestartas may not be used yet.

You can check the full list of Grasshopper plugins supported on ShapeDiver here:

Supported third-party plugins on ShapeDiver

Maybe one of them could be used instead? In case you would like us to support a new plugin, please make a suggestion on the forum.

(Ref: cc48f5f3-5f42-4238-9119-aa28eb113da9)

Yep, ran into same issue yesterday, any news yet @shapediver

We are working on the fix now which will be released soon. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you.
I guess we are talking next few days rather than weeks?

There was an issue with versioning, see more in this post:

ShapeDiver still works with the older 1.2.0 version of OpenNest and support for the latest 1.3.3 is coming this month.

The definition was originally 1.2 and returned the error messages.
I have tried version 1.3.3 and also then reverted back to 1.2.

Same error message, just different version number…Library OpenNest OpenNest 1.2 by Petras Vestartas may not be used yet.

We have a developer working on the implementation and have your paid hosting, but now can not use the Shapediver platform and our developer can not work on the project.

Surely there is a quick work around, we have never previously had problems with Opennest 1.2 and Shapediver.

The fix for OpenNest 1.2 issues has been rolled out.

I’m really sorry for the trouble and I hope you don’t have any problems with your ShapeDiver models now.

That’s great, I was concerned that it may be the end of the month before a fix.
Are you rolling out support for the latest version later in the month?

We usually release a hotfix within hours or days when something goes south.

Yes, plugins update including the latest OpenNest is on the track and will be out this month.


I’ve got to say your support is great. Any issues are always answered in a timely manner within 24 hours.

Can you tell me exactly where to download this version 1.2.00 that it is asking for? I downloaded Opennest 1.2 from food4rhino, but ShapeDiver importer still returns an error. Thanks!

You can download the supported plugins package from this Documentation page.

Update the plugin on your computer, open the definition, save it again and try uploading. Let me know if still you get any errors.