Levels panel wish - turn off layers below

It would often be handy if there was a quick way to turn off all levels below a certain level. ALT-click or something.
Now, to ‘isolate’ a certain level (meaning having only that level turned on) I have to work my way up across all light bulbs, starting from the bottom.



Hi Eugen,
That makes sense, we should provide an option to make it easier to hide levels from the bottom. We will think about that.


Do you think you can fix that somewhat more soon-ish than late-ish, please?
Got an 18 storey building to work on, and often need to ‘isolate’ (level-wise) a floor in the middle, which means to happily click all the way through the level panel.
Thank you very much!

Hi Eugen,
I think it will be more late-ish than soon-ish. Perhaps for VisualARQ 3.x. We will see.

Allright, thanks! One of those little paper cuts.

Here’s a little glitch I found in the level panel:
When there are 2 levels with the same height (which I created by mistake), it is possible to keep the duplicate level on although all other neighbouring levels are turned off:

All levels inbetween are displayed, though, even if their light bulbs are off.

Which raises the question: would it be possible to keep an unconnected mix of level on, for extra flexibility, or is this a technical problem?

Hi Eugen,

What do you mean?

I think this is just a glitch because, as you say, all levels below the duplicated one are still being displayed. So I think this should be fixed.

What I mean with ‘mix’ is being able to turn on only, say, level 0, 3, 8 and 20.
There could be objects in those levels which I want to compare/edit, and all other levels would be only cluttering the view.


Ok, it makes sense. I have already added it to the wishlist.

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I’d like to give that inital wish a bump:
When I double-click a level in the panel (all level light bulbs are on), the levels below are kept on, too, and only all levels above are turned off.
This is usually not what I want - I’d like to work on a single level most of the time. Result is, a felt 100 times a day I need to turn off the lightbulbs below the desired layer. (Starting from the bottom, because if I try to turn off the level below the desired level, the desired level is turned off instead.)
So, the logic behind the Level panel’s on/off column is… strange and impractical.

Would it be really such a difficult fix to make it work like this:
Double click a level, and this level ONLY is left on! It’s easy then to switch on levels above or below by turning on the top- or bottommost level, so there’s not much to change.

Sincere thanks!!


Right now, double-clicking a level makes it the active one and switches it and the lower levels on. This way you get an horizontal cut still having the lower levels as reference.

I understand what you need, but we could fix it by having multiple level selection available, so that you could hide all levels as necessary at once and we would still keep the “shortcut” to set the active level at its visibility at once. What do you think?

Fair enough!
If it would work like the Rhino Layer Panel then, it would be great!
Which means, in the Level panel, I can select multiple levels using the usual paradigm with SHIFT (also inbetween) and/or CTRL (only one), then toggle them together.
Can you maybe do this on the soonish side then?
Thank you!!

Nice! Yes, I think both SHIFT and CTRL commands should be available. For now, this is planned for one of the VA 3 versions…

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Great! Maybe in one of lower version numbers… =D
VA3.0 WIP is planned for september you said?

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Don’t trust their schedule it might be September 2023 :smiley:


They don’t have a planned schedule for VA 3.0.
Probably VA 3.0 will come around the same time as Rhino 8.
Given the new version of Rhino has been released usually every 3 years, it will be in 2 years, at earliest.
It should have come with Rhino 7.

Yes. I meant the WIP version, with only a few new features - including the ones I need of course ; }

This, being able to select many levels at once (in no particular order) would make sense also to change the section and offset values at once. Just needed this again.

Btw: you know rhat Rhino is undergoing a big overhaul of the UI. It’s being ported to ETO forms. What are your plans regarding the various VA panels?
I understand you are dedicated to make VA as ‘tightly’ integrated as possible. That would mean ETO, too, wouldn’t it.

Hi @Eugen,

Yes, we have considered porting our UI to Eto, and it is probable the best option when we start porting VisualARQ to Mac. But this is not happening for VisualARQ 3 for sure, as porting our UI to Eto will not give any benefit to Windows users.


Ok. But please make sure the dark UI theme is supported.
I thought when you decide to give the level panel an overhaul, you might even ‘start from scratch’ (like mcneel is doing for the layer panel), using ETO doing so. Don’t know how much work this is.