Level 1 Rhino Online Training May 11th-18th

Hydraulic Design is running a Rhino Level 1 class starting May 11th at 1pm Eastern time. The other class dates are the 14th and the 18th.

This course is intended for beginners to Rhino or 3D CAD in general. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Rhino workspace and the usage of the most common tools for creating and editing curves, surfaces, and solids. Topics include:

  • Navigating the Rhino viewports, workspace, and layers
  • Accurate 2D curve drawing using numeric input and snaps
  • Freeform control-point and interpolated curves
  • Drawing in 3D space
  • Fundamental surface and solid creation tools
  • Editing curves and surfaces
  • Creating 3D models using freeform and precision methods
  • Applying materials and lighting for simple renderings

It’s intended for users who are new to Rhino or to 3D CAD in general. Your instructor has been using Rhino since the 1990s.

Contact me at info@hydraulicdesign.net to register.