Lettering Studies → S & T

Wanted to share a few lettering studies I’ve modeled recently using Rhino for Mac. Rendering done using both the internal engine and Blender Cycles. I export my model as an .obj file when using Cycles for rendering.

’S’ GeoIcon (Cycles)

’S’ GeoIcon (Rhino)

’T’ Fracture (Rhino)

’T’ WeaveFlow (Rhino)

’T’ WeaveFlow (Cycles)

’T’ WeaveFlow - detail view (Cycles)

’T’ GridOrnate (Cycles)

’T’ GridOrnate - detail view (Cycles)


Nice work. Once a crucial piece of code has been ported to Rhino for Mac I hope to be able to eliminate the export step to Blender Cycles, so you can work with RhinoCycles instead :smile:


Thanks @nathanletwory! Certainly looking forward to using RhinoCycles for Mac when it’s ready.

Beautiful work !

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