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Hi all, I’m gonna try to be short, I know your time is valuable.

I’ve been fighting cancer for over a year and while is true that I live in a country with free healthcare (Argentina) and I’ve been receiving most of my treatment for free, it’s also true that right now the public health system is falling short to give me proper attention. Most of my treatment must be given within the hospital and is a legal requirement that to receive the drugs for free they must be administrated within the public health system, and this is where everything starts to get complicated because due to the pandemic most of the beds in every hospital in the country are reserved for COVID patients and trauma, I already waited 8 months for a bed.

Right now I’m in the fourth line of treatment, that means is getting hard for the doctors to find the proper drugs for my tumor and it is aggressive. I’m going to have 2 chemo cycles with an ambulatory protocol (I can go home every day) to give me some time, but its possible that I need a new set of drugs that requires been hospitalized. This is the main reason (there are others) why I’m been forced to get a health insurance or pay for my treatment myself, every chemo cycle is between 4.5 -7K$ and that’s every 15 - 21 days and a stem cell transplant (is still to be defined if is allogenic or autologous) at starting price of 15k$. All of these amounts are out of my reach right now, I’m working on a go fund me campaign but I waiting for the proposal of several insurance companies (+90 days just for a response and most probably for 4K USD a month). At this point there is no certainty of how many chemos or for how long I need to be treated.

This is a time sensitive race and while there are solutions to my problems in the free healthcare system, most of them take weeks or months to be solved, and certainly my disease does not care for pandemics, time or law problems because is moving fast. Paying for my treatment myself would be matter of couple days to get the proper chemo, and right now I’m in a point where the radio is not an option due to the time it takes to show results.

The reason for me to explain this is not to ask for money donations or anything like that. The reason is that I know my book could greatly support my bills but I do have a great flaw with it, and it is a very specific content and is actually used by a target within a target of people, that’s why my sales are so low (not even to cover half rent). I just need more targeted traffic to improve the sales, just 1000 copies worldwide would give me enough room to pay for many chemos!

Again, the idea is not to ask for money but to give something in exchange and that would be my book.

Ways you can help:

  • Spread the word! Let people and colleagues know about this book. If you are a designer and want to improve surfacing or know someone that may want to, let them know about this book.
  • Do you work or study in a design school? Suggest this book as a practice in the curriculum I can make a special discount for +10 copies that comes from the same institution and also give you a small part of the sales just for making the connection.
  • Share my website learnrhino.com in your social media. If you own a blog or have followers that may buy this book let me know I can also give you a small part of the sales and give your followers a special discount.
  • Buy the book, any version of it at learnrhino.com
  • An the last one. If for some unpredictable reason of life you know or maybe know someone that may know someone in a position of power (must be really high) in the Argentina government to let me have access to the drugs without the need of been hospitalized within the public health system that would be life saving for me, my costs for treatment would decrease a lot.

I know this is a sensitive matter so I’m going to leave a link with all the main documentation that supports this request for all of you. (it is in Spanish) here.

Looking forward for your response and thanks in advance.

Alejandro Zapata

PD: A small trailer of the book


Hello Al Alejo;
I hear your brother. I am survivor of myelomonocytic leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia. This all took place starting 10 years ago and I could not be more thankful that I was 64 about to turn 65 when it all started putting me on Medicare 6 months after chemo treatment started to ramp up for my bone marrow transplant. But the cost is still great as even a small percentage of the cost of my total treatment which still goes on has taken all from us. That’s why I still follow my third favorite endeavor in life; designing boats. My extraordinary care giving wife and sailing rank 1 and 2 ahead of my lifelong endeavor.

i am so sensitive to patients such as you as my experience has been so vast that I’ve seen the worst and frankly been a part of the worst for so long. i am also fortunate in that i am but 45 minutes from one of the world’s finest cancer hospitals; Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. i was treated there and have become a part of their family. Every time I visit for a check up, blood work or the like it’s “Hi Rob, how’re doing?”

i sympathize with your situation and pray that you will find a way to make it through. I saw the trailer for your book and you are an ace at Rhino. I am more the artist than the mathematical mind but for reasons beyond my capacity to explain, i gravitated easily to Rhino when it was first released as a downloadable beta back in the 90’s. and have worked with it since.

If i were to win the lottery I would assure you had the expenses to continue your fight to win over your cancer. We must as a world community find a way to prevent the formation of cell mutation which is of course at the heart of all cancers. My original oncologist is now about to become the head of immunological research for Abbot Pharmaceutical in San Francisco. He used to live not far from Hopkins in a town named Ellicott City, a charming community lodged in steep rolling hills Northwest of Baltimore. He and i are collaborationg on a book together that explains how an individual survives three types of blood cancer and what it was like to be hospitalized for an extended time and make it through a near death experience. I’ve posted here the first attempt at a boat design when i first got out of the hospital and was able to at least walk to my home office from our bedroom.

Give it all you’ve got to survive, you and every cancer patient needs to make it. Especially with your remarkable skills, you should continue on. Don’t let it get you down and concentrate with a single mind on your recovery. Take it day by day if necessary as every day is so precious.

All the very best too you, Rob



I shared this in a private group, and I it went out on twitter from there (I’m not on Twitter myself so I don’t have a link). I hope and pray that you will be able to get the treatment you need.

// Rolf


Hi Robb, all three of them? :open_mouth: WOW you really are a survivor, impressive! must be something else to push you trough all of this, not just the chemos, if you can make it I can make it! :muscle:.

The cost is really high even if you only take a small part of it, not only for you but for your family too. I’m really happy to read about your supporting wife, I also have a supporting and loving partner and just her support and understanding through all of this means a world of difference.

Its nice to read you are welcome to the people who fight your diseases. Certainly your case deserve a book, looking forward to read it.

About your first design, I totally understand that feeling after chemo, about a year ago was impossible to me to even hold my phone. If you can make that feeling that way … I need to see what you can do now XD

Thanks for your kind response to my words. Best

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Thanks Rolf, any help right now is welcome.

All the best wishes to you Alejandro, I know from personal experience how much strength and endurance it takes to win this battle, stay strong !



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Thanks all of you who took the time to answer and show some support. I’ve been thinking for months if I do this post or not, simply because this is a personal matter and the Rhino Forums are not for this kind of thing and here are thousands of users and we all have our daily personal fights and I’m quite sure more than one here directly or indirectly are facing a situation with this disease (is just statistics to realize that). That being said, like some of you wrote here, when you get diagnose with this and you have the fortune to have a loving family that support you, your close family members gets so involve that this affects them as hard as you even changing their lives, and right now I’ve been pushed to a point where my options are limited and that’s why I ended up making it public and wrote you guys to find some support with this since is a very specific material.

I actually thought I will not get any answer TBH. Thank you all.