Less Than not working as exspected

In the attached file I believe I have asked to return all the values from a list with a Y value less than the test points y value. What am I missing because it is not working like I thought it would?
Many Thanks in Advance!

Less Than.gh (18.2 KB)

Those 3 are larger than the test. The results are correct.
371 is larger than 347
363 is larger than 347
355 is larger than 347

Also what @maje90 said. You are comparing a point to Y coordinates. It should be Y coordinate to Y coordinates.

On “Smaller” component you linked a list of values (Y coordinetes) to “A”, but an actual point object to “B”.
“Inside” B it’s happening an implicit conversion from point to value, and that value is equal to the distance from XYZ origin to your point(B)… the same as converting a vector compounds to its length.
Try to hover mouse cursor over “A” and “B” inputs to see with what is being used.

Thank you Riccardo and Michael!
I added another deconstruct Y to convert that value for B to a Y value and it is working!!!