Lenovo P1 vs Gigabyte AERO. Which one to choose?

Thanks for the in dept feedback! Very helpful information. Considering that same MSI as well, only worry that it gets a bit too loud. Would you still recommend it now or would go with something else? 14" is a bit untraditional so not many options, but I do find 15’ small enough

I took MSI GS65 after long +/- list comparing with other computers at that moment I needed VR ready laptop as I was ging on meeting with clients and with my samsung odyssey VR

main + where

  • price
  • RTX2060
  • ports
  • 180 degree hinge (like lenovo)
  • 2 PCIE slots - so I could easy upgrade storage

If I was about to buy now new computer I would try to decide what I will do with it

For VR I would get something similar (maybe something that can run HP headset as currently i am hitting GPU limit)
If I will use GPU mostly for small video renders and work in Rhino, Revit then I would go with 14" laptop with good CPU - (Maybe with something from AMD new CPU that are about to come out)
In my workflow biggest hit to CPU is when I am making point clouds, Working in grasshopper - making brute force analysis. In 95 % of time computer is using just 1-4 cores and the you would need fast single core performance.
Like if you plan to work with Rhino and Visual Arq - that most of the time is single-core performance

good luck