LEGO brick texture

Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone can tell me the way to put a noise on a surface.

I try to do the texture on a LEGO brick but I donèt want to render it with a texture. I want to 3d print it so I need the detail baked.

use displacement map

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The minute texture on a Lego brick? Certain ones I mean? At 1:1 scale? Or the Lego text? 'cause there isn’t a 3d printer that can capture that, it’s not part of the CAD, it would have been applied to the injection mold using what is a 2d etching process.


displacement map can be back on the STL file?

Jim: 3d printer can capture the nosie yes: jewelry type Stereolythography version can

Hi - yes, you can extract the rendermesh - that’s also in that video that @DiegoKrause posted.

Thanks for the knowledge, I was expect that since those bricks was not 3d printed at the begining :slight_smile: