Left-to-right selection strange behavior with isolines turned off

Hi All.
Have you noticed a strange selection behavior in rhino 6.7 with isoniles off? It was’t that way in rhino5.
The left surface is made by simple revolve action.
Check it out…

is it a feature or a bug?

I’m not seeing that here and it looks like it only happens with that one object in your scene. Can you post the file?

rhino_bug.3dm (59.7 KB)
Here you go. that’s kinda mystical surface.
Selection works correctly when isolines are off. Nevermind the shading mode.

Yeah… in the case where it selects, all of the visible wireframe is included in the window.


any news?

As Pascal says, when all of the visible wireframe is included in the selection window, the object will select.

If you copy your object to RH5 and make sure that you are in a display mode that only shows edges, you will see the same behavior there. This hasn’t changed.

THKS! I really thought the selection frame deals with the whole object not only its border. Shame on me. I’m 10 years in Rhino and still surprised by the basic things :))

No worries.
I hadn’t noticed that behavior earlier myself but then again, I’d say that the specifics of the shape and orientation of that object makes it not all that likely that one would bump into this.