Left Sidebar - will not restore after relaunch 5E199w

I have used this (A) left sidebar for extended time:

If I quit Rhino in this config and relaunch, I get this (B) sidebar:

_ToggleLeftSidebar restores the (A) sidebar.

Restart and launch gets (B) sidebar as well until _ToggleLeftSidebar is invoked.

Seen on 3 separate 10.12.6 5E199w Macs with same com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist


Are you in a tabbed interface? Maybe related to my issue that I posted here: WIP Tabbed Interface quirks

See the video I posted. After I create a new document the left sidebar looses its tools until I toggle Left Sidebar to get them back.

Maybe a related bug.

Hey Jason,

Not tabbed!

Make new file



In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes, does your setup look like this?


OK, you’re using the 5.4 WIP…

When I set mine up like yours, and use _ToggleLeftSidebar assigned to my left screen edge, I’m getting the same menu each time.

So far, I’m not able to duplicate what you’re seeing.

In RhinoWIP > Preferences > Commands, I assume you’re using a copy of the default command set.
Did you by chance add a new Palette duplicating the “Main” name of the primary Main palette?

I don’t recall, John. Sorry.

Does this indicate such?

It looks like you may have.
I see Main+Standard in your primary list, and Standard in your modified list.

When I tested it last week, I created a palette with a duplicate name of another with different icons in it.
I could not get it to act like you described.

@John_Brock Hmm, seen across 3 Macs that share the same .plist (sent to Dan)

To make it happen; I have to quit with ‘my sidebar’ open.

When I relaunch, I get ‘a sidebar’, but not mine.

_ToggleLeftSidebar twice restores ‘my sidebar’

Anyway, not a biggie, if bigger fish to fry…Just wanted to report.