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Dear Mcneel Dev.
Would you guys please add an option to switch the inspector bar [with all the tabs] to the left hand side of the UI!
After rearranging the UI to be left-hand optimised in another software, I realised how important it is! So much easer to work.
Left-Hand people are in so many bit and pieces of their lives has to adjust to the ‘built for Right-handed majority’ things. In this case the Rhino UI. But even as we manage… it puts us in disadvantage.
In the case of UI it can’t be that difficult to make it right… [to make it Left]!
So there are these 2 side bars, left hand side bar can be negligible [or only used sometimes] with the additional tool pallets and the Osnaps.
But The Right hand side inspector with all the Tabs is the one that is constantly in use and need much user input.
For example: naming layers, or any other activity in the layer tab is very uncomfortable reaching across the screen with the left hand.
Please considers. hopefully it is not too difficult to do technically.
it will make a big difference in productivity for LeftHand users.
Thanks a Lot


thanks a lot

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i would not mind having a bit more flexibility there either. moving and docking around the panels freely to arrange them accordingly would be even better.

That thing of moving panels around is not going to happen any time soon, [there were quite a few post regarding this in the past]. it is apparently very very difficult todo.
What I requested here is a different thing. Only switching left and right. Hopefully simple and doable within the existing limitations.


Hi @dan Would look into considering this? It’s actually a big deal for Left Hand users.
I wasn’t aware how much the right hand fixed Rhino UI is slowing me down by until I read about it and did the UI shift [in a another app]

Thanks a lot

I am left-handed and have never, ever heard of this being a “thing.” What, that I’m going to tend to rest the mouse on the left side of the screen, so it would be better if those panels weren’t “all the way” over on the other side of the screen(which is only 1/2 of the way across my actual full desktop space?) Maybe for a tablet interface I suppose.

I too was not aware of this… until I was. Left hand people are adapt in using made for right hand things, you have been doing this all your life.

Maybe because I now use a Wacom pen, that I feel it more.
Basically it has to do with reaching across to the opposite end of the screen to do so many moment to moment functions.

Sure, we are aware of this:

RH-36612 Add preference for swapping left and right sidebar contents in modeling window

Looks like the request goes all the way back to this topic.

This is an interesting wrinkle, I hadn’t thought of that.

Great thanks a lot Dan

best regards


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