Lecturing Rhino 3D and plagiarism check for Models

Hi All,

I am a lecturer of Rhino3D 5.0 at the local tertiary education provider. Coming across some possible plagiarised projects but i cant seem to find the source. I can see the document property is made before the lecturing period and by another user but would really like to find the source before i can accuse someone of this serious matter. Parts of the model is really good and the other parts are rough.

Anyone have experience in this matter or know how i can get more details from the Metadata. Got a feeling that the file is coming from a Chinese site/original create as the layer names are in chinese.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m a teacher too, and I know you can check the object ID to see if some obj they have the same id that’s the prove it’s copied.
The question is if you really would go deeper in this.
My suggestion is to set-up a live test and judge the real capabilities.
A smooth solution it’s better, for all.
Just my idea.

Yes, if I have doubts, I usually just ask the student exactly how they constructed the object. If they can’t answer clearly with the general commands and construction sequence, they didn’t make the model…

I also usually ask them to keep all their construction layers/geometry as reference.


We run in class tuts and exercises. That’s normally how i gauge students ability.
Its disappointing to see student wasting their own time and taking short cuts.

Thank you.

You’re absolutely right, but not all have passion or talent for 3D and it’s our job to let students do their choices by them self.
Of course if will me I’ll grade with a very low mark.