Learning Resources -- Model Management

Hi everyone,

As an architect who’s using Rhino for 15 years I would like to learn Grasshopper to help me with (systemize and speed up) common processes I use every day, for example:

  • Layout management and PDF production
  • V-Ray Lights control
  • V-Ray (multi mapped) Material control
  • V-Ray (pre-prepared) render settings control
  • Rhino Nature (pre-prepared) scattering options control
  • and similar tasks

I’m at the moment not that focused in learning GH’s geometry creation and control tools (would like to some day…), but would instead like to make my Rhino workflow more efficient!

Are there recommended learning resources that target those areas of GH’s use?
I’d be very thankful if you guys could help me out with finding those.


You may have come across this already, but this video from 2019 sets out the basic V-Ray for Grasshopper components: V-Ray Next for Rhino – Grasshopper introduction - YouTube

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That video is going to be a good way to start.