Learning About Layouts in Rhino

There are existing tutorials that were done in Rhino 7 they also work for Rhino 8 for Windows and Mac as well.

Tutorials that include layout instruction.
Most of the time, I introduce the layout task with the lead in, "Now the last thing….".
The link will bring you to the specific location in the video where layout setup is presented with a variety of model types:

PushPull Vanity <–Rhino 8 Windows
Cat Tree
Snowflake Watering Can
The Hex Wine Rack
The Plant Trio
The Guest House Design
The Syrup Bottle
The Arrow Collection
The Wheel Barrow
A Part Model

Most of these were also done in Rhino 7 for Mac. If you want better links like I did for Windows above, let me know.
Otherwise, Rhino 8 for Mac should work most similar to Rhino 8 for Windows now with the Panel for Layouts.

There are a few new Rhino 8 features,The big improvements I see are separate model layer visibility from the layouts, better clipping plane management, arrangement of clipping sections.
PushPull Vanity <–Rhino 8 Windows

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.
You can email an problem files to tech@mcneel.com Attn Mary

Mary Ann Fugier