Learn to Code for Free – Grasshopper...What is this?

Hello everyone. I know the program, I still do not know how to use it but I received this advertising from Google that confuses me. Could it be that the brand is being misused or is it part of you?

https://grasshopper.app/ " We can’t wait to meet you.

Grasshopper was created by a team of passionate coders from Google’s workshop for experimental products, Area 120. Coding is becoming such an essential skill, and we want to make it possible for everyone to learn even when life gets busy. We made Grasshopper to help folks like you get into coding in a fun and easy way. And we put Grasshopper on a phone so you can turn your commute or waiting in line into a learning moment. We hope you like it and that it helps you embark or continue your journey in learning to code"

Google decided to do most of the marketing for McNeel’s Grasshopper as well. By implication. Shusssssh. :wink:

// Rolf

It’s just something else called grasshopper. It’s apparently different enough to not have a conflict with the trademark.