Leafcutter installation problem

I have installed leafcutter. After intsllation, if I start Grasshopper Rhini Crashes.
My Grashopper version 0.90076
Rhino version : (5.14.522.8390, 5/22/2017)
Is there any solution

I just installed it here on Rhino6, it worked fine. Is there an error message or crash report window?

I uninstalled and tested again. But after installation it crashes Rhino.When I type Grasshopper, first I see the splash screen after that the Grasshopper work area appears with my previews files, but after it a less then a second Rhino crashes, and a McNeel Error reporting dialog appears. This is strange because I have severeal plugins which work ok: e.g.:
Bumblebbe, Human UI, ArchiCAD,

Please just submit the error report with a description, maybe we can gleam something from the crash-dump or included callstacks.

maybe there are some less widely used addons which doesnot “like” each -other like Archicad?

Not impossible, but so far whenever we figured out the problem of plugins crashing on load, it has always been due to one of three reasons:

  1. Plugin assembly is obfuscated using a method which no longer yields valid assemblies on the local .NET framework.
  2. Plugin loader just crashes in a way that is not catchable (for example a stack-overflow error).
  3. Plugin loads an unmanaged assembly which throws an uncatchable exception.

I have sent the crashdump

“Unfortunately, we were not able to glean any information of value from the dump file that accompanied this report.”

I hit this issue myself recently, tracked it down to this (including a solution, of sorts): Managing plug-in compatibility and .dll libraries