Leader importing from Rhino5

Importing a leader from rhino 5 does not work very well
file encosed as it coleader from5.3dm (126.1 KB)
mes out in 6

Hi Robo - the plane on that leader is flipped, it looks like - can you please post the original from v5 as a v5 file?


By this enclosed

it easy solved by setting aligned to the leaders ,


leader V5.3dm (56.5 KB)

i used copy paste btw

btw leaders in 3d in V6 are only ok when using the aligned option, but then they are not visible in the side 3d view only xy front or back

RH-40771 should be fixed in the latest WIP. Please give it a try.

the new build wont install so ill wait till it gets automaticly

Really? What issue are you seeing when you attempt to install?

it was the loose exe file that did not work , the normal update is going
ok , i do not have the txt what gave the fault, it s something with
pipeline or …

have th elatest wip now