Leader/Dimension Command Annotation Scale Dropdown Bug

When running the leader or dimension command I have to highlight the text of the current annotation scale, delete the text, click enter, select a different annotation style, click apply, the dialogue pops up again, I have to click apply again and then the leader or dimension command uses the chosen annotation style.

It would be great if instead of going through this many steps the style input box used the dropdown of annotation styles directly in the dim/leader command. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional but wanted to see if anyone has any input as this cumbersome swapping between different scales when annotating.

Picture of leader command with manual leader style entry:

Picture of text command with leader style dropdown (preferred way to change leader style in dim/leader command):

Video of steps:

Using Version 6 (6.22.20021.10382, 2020-01-21)

Try this method instead:
1 Run _leader command
2 Type S and Intro in order to access to the drop down menu to pick the annotation style you are looking for.
3 Intro to Apply the chosen annotation style
4 Place the leader wherever you want and Intro to finish.

Having said that, I agree with you, that it makes total sense to have a small arrow next to the annotation style that would let you pick the one you are looking for straight away.

I think it is a bug with the floating command option. When command options are in the side bar the style is available as a button to click on.