Leader default alignment setting

Hi @lowell

The leader default setting may be more user friendly (or maybe not?) set to ‘Middle of first line’, more importantly, V5 leaders have this setting and when opened in V6 the drawing layout is messed up by default and the existing leader annotation style takes on this setting.

Brian -

Reading v5 files should get the leader text alignment right. It doesn’t and I’ll fix that.

When you paste into a model that doesn’t have the style the leader uses, it’s essentially the same as reading the other file

When you paste a v5 leader into v6, if there’s already a style by the same name as the leader uses in v5, that style is used. That’s the same for inserting and importing and for things besides annotation styles, and it’s the same whether the file you’re pasting from is a v5 or v6 file.

The default leader alignment is something you can change. It’s controlled by the settings in the styles in your template files.

The above example leader was pasted into an new, empty V6 file. The same misalignment occurs when a V5 file is opened in V6, all the leader text is aligned differently to what was intended.

V5 default is 'middle of first line’
V6 default is ‘Middle’ of text block,

Currently the leader styles all need to be changed in settings to correctly align the leader text, for every V5 file opened in V6.

Another thing with this WIP (6.0.17122.11501, 02-May-17) V5 multiLine, wrapped text is being stretched out to a single string.

Opening a v5 file in v6 should align the text the same as it was in v5. That’s what I said I would fix.
When we open a v5 file, we can make the style match the v5 style.

Even though you get the same results now, pasting is a different operation than opening because when you paste (or insert or import) there is an existing file with existing information that will be used if there are collisions.
Same as if you have a v5 file with a curve on layer 1 which has color blue and you paste that curve into a v6 file with layer 1 which has color red. The curve will maintain it’s layer setting and be red in the v6 file.

Updated templates for v6 are a ways off still. There’s quite a bit more than annotation styles involved.

There was a bug fixed not too long ago that changed the way v5 wrapped text is read - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38720
Wrapping is done enough differently in v6 that it’s going to be a bit of work to translate the wrapping width. We’ll get to that before too long, but I don’t know when yet.

Got it, thanks Lowell.

RH-39185 is fixed in the latest WIP