Leader created is perpendicular to the detail view (DimCurveLength)

I am trying to display the length of a curve on a detail view, but when I am doing this the leader is always placed parallel to the the bottom plane.
For others dimensions (non leader) the systems ‘understands’ that I want it to be placed on the plane of the detail view.
I wonder what I missed something (I did not see any orientation parameter) or if it’s a bug/limitation for the leaders.

see example below, dimensions have been created on the current view

Hello - normally leaders are in a plane parallel to the active CPlane. Can you send an example file?


I can send the full file to a support team but I do not want to make it public, how I do that ?

Hello - we do not need the full file necessarily, just enough to see what’s going on with the objects you’re asking about., but you can send confidential files to tech@mcneel.com, or for a large file, SaveSmall. Zip, and upload here:


to my attention.

@vtourneyrie, thanks, I was able to reproduce this with your file.