Leader Control Points Missing

G’day McNeel,

A work mate is having issues with leaders in Rhino 6. Some do not show control points when selected nor when _PointsOn is run. Other leaders do work as expected. The only difference we can see is that the bogus leader does not have text assigned to it, but that does not consistently cause the problem.

Note I will upload the dodgy leader when my work mate and I work through why the original export is crashing my rhino, or maybe that is part of the problem.


Hi Nick - so far this works here - but since you say it is intermittent, I am not too convinced by my test. If you have an example, that would be good to see.


G’day Pascal, attached is an export with 2 leaders, one that is fine and one that is dodgy. Unfortunately this crashes my R6, but it was sent by email through outlook so the crash may have something to do with this…Serious problem with files sent by e-mail / Office 365 Outlook

LEADERS.3dm (24.4 KB)

Hi Nick - thanks - these seem to behave OK here. I am not sure what to suggest. Just out of curiosity, I’m going to send the file back to you, having just opened and SaveAs - I wonder if there is any difference at your end.

LEADERS_PG.3dm (30.1 KB)


Yep, your file opens and the leaders behave as properly.

The file I sent you gives this error message.

…then just black viewports and rhino is unresponsive.

commands can be typed, buttons pressed, menus navigated…but nothing happens. Layers, properties, etc panels are blank.

Yep, these are the Outlook symptoms exactly. It only happens locally when Outlook saves the attachment to disk, so nobody else will be able to reproduce it. The only thing I found so far is either to use web-based mail or downgrade Outlook (actually all of Office) to a previous version.