Leader colour issue with V6

I had one of our users point this out to me today. He likes to use a black background, and in V5, that wasn’t an issue when creating leaders, because the leaders were created on the current layer. In V6, that has changed. The leader is black, until it is completed. This video will illustrate the issue:

Is there a setting, perhaps in the advanced settings, that will allow the leader to be created on the current layer, right from the start (like V5)? Or, is there a place to adjust this colour?

I’m not a fan of black backgrounds, but there is the old dog-new trick factor here.



Yep, I see this too, doesn’t look like it’s adjustable from here…

Hm. Leaders here, today, are green until complete…
Anyway, I think this is just a bug either way, it should draw in layer color - I’ll get this on the heap, thanks.



Thanks Pascal.